About Us

AEGIS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS (Aegis) began operation in early 2013 on an aggressive course of growth. The Company’s goal is to be recognized as an industry leader in production treating chemicals, water treatment technologies, water transfer services and drilling/completions & stimulation products in our target markets. Aegis leads the industry presently in synergies between traditional oilfield chemicals and innovative, environmentally friendly ClO2 – based water treating technologies. The Company’s success from its inception has been built on tradition oilfield chemicals. The results achieved by the ClO2   water treatment application systems have established the Company as a key and significant competitor in this industry. The options afforded the customer when presented with this alternative and range of expertise, have positioned Aegis for exceptional growth.


Aegis has made a commitment to work safely in all phases of our operations. In the field, at our customers’ locations, in our offices, in our laboratories, at our warehouses, and at our facilities. We deliver quality work in a manner that emphasizes the safety of our employees, our customers, our visitors, our subcontractors and the communities in which we work. All Aegis employees undergo extensive Safety and DOT training before being approved for mobilizing to the field. From the laboratory to the field, proper procedures and precautions are stringently enforced and all Aegis employees are trained and constantly reeducated to the requirements and advantages of working with safety as the top priority.


Aegis is committed to protecting the environment.  We will search for innovative ways to improve our environmental performance. We carefully structure our work procedures according to international Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) standards in an effort to reduce the impact  our activities have on the environment. Aegis is fully committed to being a good environmental steward and implementing best-in-class QHSE management systems.